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2016-06-16 18:46


若 干 意 见Opinions ON Further Intensifying Construction of Investment Attracting Projects (Trial)


In order to promote rapid sustainable and healthy economic development of the entire county, we will insist on promoting industrial investment attracting through optimizing environment to promote project construction and then drive regional development, then further improve investment attracting effects, consolidate the investment attracting achievements in our county, optimize investment service environment, and realize a new breakthrough of investment attracting project construction. The opinions on construction of investment attracting projects in the whole county are hereby proposed as following:


I. Further intensify investment attracting efforts, and accelerate to attract more foreign enterprises for investment


Set up industrial development guidance funds as regulated in the Notice about Publishing Industrial Development Funds Management Method in Hubei Mufu Mountain Area (EZBH No.53) of the provincial government office, allocate RMB 100 million every year to newly introduced and under-construction industrial projects which comply with conditions and fixed investment of which reaches to RMB 50 million (including deep processing of agricultural and sideline products), and combine the free subsidy and paid investment marketed operation to subsidize.


1. Implement one-time free subsidy funds. Allocate one-time subsidy of RMB 1.2 million to projects with fixed investment reaching RMB 50 million; allocate one-time subsidy of RMB 2.8 million to projects with fixed investment reaching RMB 100 million, based on which, subsidy fund increases RMB 2 million with every increase of RMB 100 million of project fixed investment; and in principle, the subsidy during construction period for major projects with more than RMB 1 billion of fixed investment shall be less than RMB 50 million.


2. Adopt equity investment to invest and join stock. Directly invest through the government investment platform to major industrial projects introduced by the County Party Committee and County Government to solve investment problems of enterprise in early stage.


II. Further intensify the supports to industrial development, and spare no efforts to promote sustainable and healthy enterprise development.



3. Project operation investment subsidy For newly invested enterprises, give corresponding subsidy reward according to total amount of fixed assets and contribution degree of enterprise to economy development of the county, with annual maximum subsidy not exceeding RMB 10 million, and accumulated reward supporting periods not exceeding 3 years.


4. Allocate short-term enterprise dispatching capital. For the profitable and potential key local enterprises lack of short-term circulating fund, implement the method of allocating at beginning of the year and collecting back at the end of the year, and allocate short-term dispatching capital. Enterprises should bear the regulated occupancy expenses.


5. Reward of project financing interest subsidy Based on the total financing amount of project production circulating funds finance institutions, calculate the interest subsidy according to the rate not higher than the current benchmark interest rate of People's Bank of China, total amount of interest subsidy each year not exceeding RMB 5 million and accumulated periods not exceeding 3 years.


III. Further intensify the supports to scientific innovation and steadily improve enterprise capability of independent innovation


Set up Yangxin County new high-tech enterprise reward funds, and allocate RMB 15 million of funds every year.


6. Allocate RMB 2 million for R&D projects of scientific and technological enterprises, university-industry cooperation projects, scientific and technological achievement transformation projects, manufacturing informatization projects and other projects for pre-project subsidy.


7. Allocate RMB 3 million to enterprise patents for invention, advanced achievements and new products, enterprise formulating or modifying national standards, industrial standards or local standards and enterprise independently formulating product technology standards, scientific intermediate service institutes, and talents and knowledge communication and technology transfer conducted by enterprises and research institutes in universities for post-project subsidy.


8. Allocate RMB 10 million to reward enterprises rated as national new high-tech enterprises, national new high-tech products, projects listed in provincial and above scientific research plans and R&D centers and project centers established by scientific and technological enterprises.


IV. Further intensify supports to large-, medium- and small-sized enterprises and explore to solve financing problems of enterprises.


9. Act as the investment guarantee company for medium- and small-sized enterprises in Yangxin County, and the finance department of the county invests RMB 60 million, capital scale reaching to RMB 160 million and guarantee capability increased to more than RMB 800 million; make efforts to make the registered capital reach to RMB 250 million in 2016, and guarantee capability reach to more than RMB 1.2 billion.


10. Set up bank loan renewing dispatching capital for medium- and small-sized enterprises, and the finance department of the county should allocate at least RMB 50 million of funds every year to help enterprises to solve problems about “bridge crossing” capital turnover for bank loan renewing and reduce financing costs.


V. Further accelerate cultivation and development of multi-layer capital market and keep expanding enterprise financing channels.


According to the Opinions on Promoting Construction and Development of Multi-Layer Capital Market (YZF No.18) of the county government, intensify financial support, cultivate market entity and guide medium- and small-sized enterprises to enter the multiple-layer capital market for financing.


11. Support enterprise listing and enter capital market. For all those enterprises listed in the main board (including small and medium enterprise boards) and growth enterprise market (commonly known as the second board), the county government rewards RMB 1 million of project funds; and RMB 0.5 million and 0.2 million for those respectively entering national share transfer system of medium- and small-sized enterprise (commonly known as the new third board) and regional equity trading market (commonly known as the fourth board); rewards another RMB 0.3 million for entering the new third board the fourth board.


12. Support development of venture capital investment and equity investment. Encourage investment institutions and venture capital institutions to invest in the industrial projects in our county and the county government rewards 0.5% of the total investment amount.


13. Support bond financing. For various bond issuing institutions and intermediaries and enterprises whose funds raised bond market are used in investment projects in our county, give subsidy reward of 0.05% of the amount issued in addition, the upper limit for the reward to a single enterprise being RMB 0.5 million.


14. Support development of bank institutions and financial intermediaries. The county government gives RMB 0.1 million for one-time settling reward for each newly established banking finance institution (branch institution); and RMB 50,000 for one-time settling reward to each newly moved-in security company, futures company, accounting firm and corporation and branch for capital assessment, credit rating and credit guaranty.


VI. Further intensify supports to exporting enterprises, and cultivate and expand foreign trade export institutions


15. Set up temporary circulating funds for exported-oriented enterprises. The county government allocates RMB 10 million every year for oriented support of exported-oriented enterprises for which production capital turnover is difficult according to the management measures for short-term dispatching capital.


16. Further optimize export tax rebate review process and improve efficiency of export tax rebate service. Establish key enterprise liaison system, and implement system of specially-assigned personnel for oriented liaison and regular door-to-door guidance to improve quality of enterprise export tax rebate declaration; establish export tax rebate incentive mechanism, and preferentially arrange indexes for enterprises with good reputations, and review and deal with tax rebate in priority.


VII. Further reinforce public entrepreneurship investment service platform and fully promote public entrepreneurship and innovation


17. Set up Yangxin County technological innovation development funds. The county government invests RMB 15 million, combining with various governmental technological innovation funds and social private funds, and takes market-oriented operation, striving to make the platform scale reach to RMB 500 million, and guiding various venture investment capitals and funds to mainly support development of public entrepreneurship and technological innovation enterprises.


18. Intensify the supports to development of small and micro-sized enterprises. Provide training subsidy to small and micro-sized enterprises conducting pre-post training to newly employed graduates as regulated; offer 1-year social insurance subsidy to small and micro-sized enterprises employing college graduates during annual graduation, signing more than 1 year of labor contract, and paying full social insurance expenses; provide not more than RMB 2 million of small-sum guaranteed loan to eligible labor-intensive small enterprises, and give interest subsidy according to 50% of bank lending rate.


19. Intensify implementation of entrepreneurship supporting policies. For eligible personnel conducting pioneering work, give one-time successful entrepreneurship subsidy, rental subsidy and entrepreneurship training subsidy as regulated to persons with financial difficulties and improve approval efficiency and issuance range of small-sum guaranteed loan; give RMB 10,000 as entrepreneurship support to each eligible agritourism operator.


20. Intensify entrepreneurship support to college graduates and proactively implement innovative undertaking guidance plan for university students. For university students eligible for innovative undertaking, provide with the following policy supports: RMB 5,000 one-time entrepreneurship subsidy; RMB 800-1,200 entrepreneurship training subsidy; capital support for innovative undertaking incubating base of university students; RMB 20-200 thousand of free support for innovative undertaking projects of university students; “tied” small-sum guaranteed loan and interest subsidy support, not exceeding RMB 100 thousand for each person, and total amount not exceeding RMB 500 thousand; implement the policy of free administrative fee and preferential policy of tax reduction and exemption.


VIII. Further implement the policy of enterprise supporting and post stabilizing and practically reduce burdens of enterprises


21. Troubled enterprises needing supports independently choose 60%-300% of social security expense base according to policies, and enjoy the policy of social insurance payment delay. Delay to pay part of the five items of social insurance expenses, including basic pension, basic medical care, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance and maternity insurance, and payment can not be delayed for more than 12 months. For enterprises still unable to pay, they can gradually pay off in batches by year. During payment delay, payment year will be continuously calculated, which does not influence treatment welfare of insurance personnel.


IX. Further intensify reward for investment attracting and practically promote economic development in towns


22. For various projects with investments being introduced independently by town (district), taxes paid by enterprises retained by the finance department of the county the tax year, will be rewarded to the town (district) in full amount in the first 5 years.


23. For all the projects whose investment are jointly introduced by two or more than two towns (districts), taxes paid by enterprises retained by the finance department of the county the tax year, will be shared by relevant towns (districts), and rewarded for continuous 5 years; for all the industrial projects whose information is provided by other towns (districts) and which are successfully settled in the “top three battlefields” of the County Economic Development Zone, Xingang Logistics Park and Binjiang Industry Park (including deep processing of agricultural and sideline products), the county government will give the town (district) RMB 50-100 thousand of one-time reward after project operation.


X. Further intensify investment service and accelerate promotion of governmental service efficiency


24. Further intensify package service of county leaders. Implement “One Person for One Enterprise” personnel-specialized whole-course agency service for all the investment attracting projects; for settled key projects and key enterprises, insist on implementing the personnel-specialized oriented service of one county leader for attaching contact, one department leading, one shift for oriented package and one person for oriented service, responsible for coordinating and solving various problems and conflicts during project construction and enterprise operation so as to ensure successful implementation of projects and orderly development of enterprises.


25. Focus on optimizing project construction service procedures. Accelerate promotion of “integration of three certificates” registering; project-settled town (district) is generally responsible for project service examination and approval, and key projects should be under unified responsibility of the County Project Office. All the relevant functional departments implement “one-window” acceptance and deal within limited period according to project service approval procedure; for items which enterprises need to deal by entrusting, enterprises independently choose intermediary service institution, and all the relevant business departments should strictly control according to regulations to make sure that the entrusted item is completed within the regulated time limit.


26. Unify and regulate charging standards. Charge administrative fees in strict accordance with relevant national regulations, and implement “one -window package” for charging various service feeds according to the minimum standards.


27. Proactively serve for enterprise employment. Centered on enterprise employment, conduct free oriented training, pre-post training and skill promotion training, with No.1 Technical Training School in Huangshi, County Vocational Education Center and all the designated training institutions in the county as carrier. Publish free employment information on county news media, governmental investment attracting website and advertising website, employment service WeChat group and other platforms, and hold special recruitment fairs.

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